VI006: Net ‘The Old Earth’ – Pre-orders open

The Old Earth
by Anglo-Finnish sound artist Net (NE Trethowan) is available for pre-order. Analogue synthesis textures via entomological field recordings. Ethics of Autoplay. The Time Machine. Outdoor listening.
Edition of 25 professionally duplicated C47 cassettes, and digital.

VI005 – Ben Zucker – ‘o ur gab’

Ben Zucker’s new album o ur gab is available now. Drawing upon experience as a choral and improvisational singer, o ur gab is less a solo vocal album than an album of mouth music.
At the center of o ur gab is neither/n/nor/n, an un-spoken word piece drawing upon texts related to linguistic meaning only to remove all such content. First premiered as part of the Weisslich concert series in London, and presented in a studio multitrack here, the piece renders texts by Roland Barthes and Kenneth Goldsmith as wispy chorales of unvoiced consonants. Surrounding it are a pair of extended works made of multitracked and rearranged improvisations.

verzcast #002 – with Ben Zucker

This month on verzcast, American composer Ben Zucker discusses his work and upcoming album of composed and improvised vocal works, to be released on verz imprint later in 2017. Also, mixes of tracks from Touch, and sound artists from Japan.


Philip Jeck – Chime Again (2008)
Biosphere – fluviamorfologi (2006)
Oren Ambarchi – Highway of Diamonds (2005)
Chris Watson – Oceanus Pacificus 3m (2007)
Ryoko Akama & Bruno Duplant – immobilité 02 – meme place (2015)
Masayuki Imanishi – Clips – Side B (2017)
Ryoji Ikeda – untitled #25 (2006)
Hiroki Sasajima – into the nothings (2010)
Ben Zucker – KIMA
Ben Zucker – Threshold (2013-6)
Ben Zucker – Neither/N/Nor/N (2016)
Ben Zucker – O Ur Gab (2016)
Ben Zucker – Confluere Part I (2015)
Phil Maguire – Amsterdam field recording (2016)


verzcast #001 – with Anne La Berge

Anne La Berge joins Phil Maguire to discuss her work and thoughts on ‘quiet’ in contemporary music. Also, a mix of quiet music.

Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M – Filament 1-7 (1998)
Thomas Rohrer & Philip Somervell – 7’28” (2016)
Tony Whitehead – Fluid (excerpt) (2014)
Onin – GdBdP (2017)
Eleanor Cully – the smallest place i tried to record was the inside of a shell (2017)

Anne La Berge – Brokenheart (2008)
Anne La Berge – Away (2008)
Anne La Berge – 800 Speakers (2001-2010)
Shackle – Graunch (2012)
Anne La Berge – TOO (2013)
Anne La Berge & Trio Scordatura – Lumps (2011)
Anne La Berge – ur_DU (2008)
Shackle – Zipper (2012)
Anne La Berge & Joe Williamson – The Hum (2016)
Anne La Berge – Drive (2003-9)