verzcast #007 – verznights/12 months of verz special

This month, to celebrate 1 year of the verz project, Phil Maguire presents a mix of highlights from the first three verznights live editions.

Including music by Phil Durrant, Onin, Eleanor Cully & Phil Maguire, Rie Nakajima & David Bloor, and more.

verznights #003 – 2nd September

verz imprint returns to Hundred Years Gallery for edition #003 of verznights, presenting music and sound art works across the space, and the street outside.

Two duos and a solo:
Eleanor Cully & Phil Maguire
John Macedo
Rie Nakajima & David Bloor


Eleanor Cully & Phil Maguire
Performing as a duo for the first time, Maguire & Cully present a collage of instrumental, enrivonmental, and found sounds from cassettes

John Macedo
Live electronics

Rie Nakajima & David Bloor
Performing as a duo for the first time, Nakajima & Bloor bring their enchanting practices with objects & electronics to the outside space of the gallery. Crepuscular improvised sound art

verzcast #001 – with Anne La Berge

Anne La Berge joins Phil Maguire to discuss her work and thoughts on ‘quiet’ in contemporary music. Also, a mix of quiet music.

Otomo Yoshihide & Sachiko M – Filament 1-7 (1998)
Thomas Rohrer & Philip Somervell – 7’28” (2016)
Tony Whitehead – Fluid (excerpt) (2014)
Onin – GdBdP (2017)
Eleanor Cully – the smallest place i tried to record was the inside of a shell (2017)

Anne La Berge – Brokenheart (2008)
Anne La Berge – Away (2008)
Anne La Berge – 800 Speakers (2001-2010)
Shackle – Graunch (2012)
Anne La Berge – TOO (2013)
Anne La Berge & Trio Scordatura – Lumps (2011)
Anne La Berge – ur_DU (2008)
Shackle – Zipper (2012)
Anne La Berge & Joe Williamson – The Hum (2016)
Anne La Berge – Drive (2003-9)