verz is a multimedia project that curates and supports quiet music and art, founded in 2016 by Phil Maguire. At present, the project consists of a netlabel (verz imprint) and concert series (verznights). The project attempts to explore the what and why of ‘quiet’ music past and present, and what ‘quietness’ means in contemporary art(s).
verz imprint releases albums of quiet electronics, contemporary composition, and improvisation, and verzcast features interviews with composers, performers, and writers. verzcast was broadcast the first Sunday of each month, between May and December 2017, on ResonanceEXTRA.

The next event is verznights #005. 1st February 2019, Hundred Years Gallery, London
Tom White/Kieron Piercy
Lucia H Chung
boneshaker (film by Mark Lyken & Emma Dove)

We are currently not accepting demo submissions.