Winter batch available for pre-order

VI022/C09 – Matthijs Kouw & Phil Maguire – Isometry

Two years in the making, Kouw & Maguire’s is finally ready. Isometry channels the architectural movement of structuralism into minimalist electronic music.

Available 21st December on Double CD and download – a full two hours of minimalism and drone music. Cover images are of the Centraal Beheer in Apeldoorn (Netherlands), by Herman Hertzberger.

To get around Brexit/IOSS problems, we’re selling from the UK and Netherlands.



Worldwide: Take your pick!

VI023 – Peripheral Ethnography

Huddersfield-based sound artist David Veléz has curated a fascinating compilation of music and sound art from artists based in Huddersfield in 2019 and 2020. Drawn to the town by its tradition of contemporary music making, these artists explored and rooted themselves in the community and its spaces, developing a fascinating range of practises.

Available 10th December on limited edition cassette and download.

VI024 – Ashcircle – Level Up Everywhere

South London duo Ashcircle make improvised music to cope with the chaos of overwhelming information and Tory governments. They organise “Cliff-Edge”, a regular show of “improv for end-times” at Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton. Level Up Everywhere was recorded with Bastl Microgrannies loaded with reed and whistle samples in mid October 2021.

Available 10th December on a very limited edition CD (deliberately printed via an unsuitable process) and download.

Note for EU customers: the verz Bandcamp has Enhanced Payments activated, so I should get their IOSS number for any shipments to the EU. For Isometry, it’s still best to order from Matthijs/Clinamen.

Jonathan Deasy: Fragments

verz travels across the Irish Sea for its latest installment by Cork musician Jonathan Deasy.

In ‘Fragments’, blurred refrains thresh deep within a fog of noise and memory. There is something familiar yet unknowable; haunted loops glide unhurredly, inviting us in. Settle in and be consumed.

Cassette edition of 40, with handmade artwork by Claire Orme.

Listen and download on Bandcamp.